Yes, I am wayyyy behind on blogging, but I wanted to share some fun filled Seattle area senior pictures of beautiful Hailee. I love it when I get to know my clients and we have fun pulling their loves into their portraits to tell their story. That’s just what happened with Hailee and her senior […]

I just love it when my clients and I can get creative for our photo shoots. Ally has quite an innovative mind and had already done some thinking about her senior portraits before we had our consult. Her idea? She had a theme – A THEME! I love it. She’s thinking like a photographer. Her […]

I realized that I should also post Tracy’s senior portraits! They are just stunning, and you may remember her from her spokesmodel portrait shoot. It’s so fun being able to have two shoots so close together with the same person and see how her look has changed, even subtly over the year. So fun! Here […]

You may remember Vicky, one of my fabulous Class of 2012 Senior Portrit Spokesmodels. Well, it came time for her to have her very own senior portrait session, and she chose to bring along two of her close friends, Mackenzie and Kayla. (In case you missed it, here’s a link to Kayla’s own senior portrait […]

One thing I love about being a custom portrait photographer is getting to know each client on a personal level, whether she is a high school senior or three-year-old girl or whether they are a family of five or a couple in love…. It’s just so fun to ask the (sometimes seemingly silly) questions to […]

Yes, I did get to have senior portrait shoots with two different beautiful Emmas, one at the end of her senior year, and the other about to start hers. I had the privilege of taking this Emma’s brother’s senior pictures a few years ago and was thrilled when her mom contacted me again to capture […]

Introducing lovely Emma, with her super cool glasses and endless shoe collection, showcased in her very own senior portrait session! Emma liked a few ideas in some of my previous senior portrait shoots, so we did our own little recreations of a couple of shots. What a natural! She pulled off beautiful smiles, serious gazes, […]

I realized that I hardly have any couples portraits posted on my blog or on my Facebook, and they are one of my favorites! Well, spring is here (though us in the Seattle area may beg to differ, since we have seen snow, hail, blustery freezing winds, and all as of late.) Even so, spring […]

I just love “just because” couples portrait sessions! Who says you need a special occasion to celebrate your love and have fun together creating portrait memories and artwork you will treasure? Not me! Sean and Kim wanted to have a couples portrait session, partly so they would have pictures to cherish while they would be […]

And yet another “just because” couples portrait session. I love it! It’s such a joy to get a little glimpse into each and every relationship I photograph. Each couple has its own unique qualities, and I get to document a bit of the couple’s love story in portraits. What an honor! James and Katie each […]


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